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PrayerWalking.ca Site InfrastructurePrayerWalking.ca Site Infrastructure

Mississauga, ON

Create a website that will encourage people to cover their communities in prayer through prayer-walking. Similar to mapmyride.com, it will allow members to create routes, which can be ported to your phone, so you can bike/run/walk them. Subdomains will be set up for one community, based on municipal ward maps. Members will be able to create routes and assign a date for when they prayed through it. For the first week that route will appear as a solid colour. Each subsequent week, the colour will lighten somewhat, till after 3 months it’s completely clear again. In this manner visitors to that community site can instantly see what’s been prayed through and how recently. This provides encouragement to pray through the uncovered areas.

Started: 2015-06-01, Completed: 2015-08-18